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Vulcanet - Cleaning Wipes

Vulcanet - Cleaning Wipes

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Vulcanet - Cleaning Wipes

Vulcanet® is the first Premium All-In-One Wipe that allows you to clean ANYWHERE & WITHOUT WATER!

It offers complete cleaning and protection for your Bike, Car, Boat or any vehicle for that matter!
You can use Vulcanet® everywhere, you do not require a dedicated space with a drain. No tap, no brushes or sponges, you only need to move around your machine.

The Vulcanet wipe is a single product to take care of the bodywork, wheels, paint, plastic and windows of your car or your bike.

With a 2008 award for innovation, this product ensures ongoing maintenance and protection of your vehicles. It also clean traces of tar, insects, protects from micro scratches and prevents tarnishin ... g leather amongst other things…

Why Vulcanet ?

  • It cleans, shines and protects all surfaces.
  • Saves time.
  • No equipment required, use anywhere.
  • No risk of scratching or damaging vehicle when used correctly.
  • No need for water

What can I use Vulcanet for?

  • Removing traces of insect impacts on grills, headlights and bodywork.
  • Removing tar traces present on bodywork.
  • Degreasing surfaces without any trace,
  • Providing a dirt and water repellant layer, increased protection and visibility.
  • Removing stubborn deposits from rims without altering the alloy, varnish, or paints.
  • Protecting surfaces by depositing an invisible anti-fouling film.
  • For the interior; it cleans and nourishes leather & leatherette, without making it slippery.
  • You can even clean carpets and alcantara.

Why Vulcanet saves time:

  • No wet feet
  • No need to uncoil a hose
  • No foam or suds to wash away
  • No time spent filling and emptying buckets.
  • No need to unpack and use endless cleaning products.
  • No dirt and grease deposits left on your drive or garage floor.
  • No need for a high-pressure cleaning machine or fancy tools / gadgets.
  • No space requirements (cleaning possible in street, in small garage, at work, at a show)

How to use

  1. Take a wipe from the tube.
  2. Fold in half and put it flat on the hand.
  3. Caress the surface without rubbing. When the surface becomes slippery, you can slightly increase the pressure if needed.
  4. Always proceed by small area at a time without scrubbing, move in slight circles.
  5. Vulcanet traps the particles, while cleaning and applies a film on the surface to protect it.
  6. Follow with microfibre, making a swift , light circular movement without pressing. The high quality microfibre is not used to clean, just to finish the surface : the result is brilliant.

*In case of wet weather, allow the vehicle to dry somewhat so the powerful Vulcanet solution is not diluted.*

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