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Richa Viper CE Level 2 Back Insert

Richa Viper CE Level 2 Back Insert

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Richa Viper CE Level 2 Back Insert

The Viper Stealth is the ultimate back protector for bikers who won’t leave their safety to chance, and exceeds the performance requirements of EN1621-2:2014 Level 2, the gold standard in European safety certifications for motorbike armour.
This is a full coverage biker’s back protector, fabricated from high performance patented D30® technology and with a thickness of just 18mm for an aerodynamic, high-performance finish.
As a Level 2 back protector, this evolution of the Viper Stealth is approved for use at high-speed track schools and for races, as well as offering superior protection for the everyday road rider.


  • A full coverage motorbike back protector for every application.
  • Constructed from high-performance D30® motorbike armouring technology.
  • Certified as meeting and exceeding the performance requirements of European Standard EN1621-2:2014 Level 2.
  • A flexible, ergonomic, and highly protective design and construction for improved comfort and fit as well as superior safety.
  • Integrated Airwave technology to enable the free movement of air and optimum breathability.
  • 18mm thick.


  • D3O® patented technology
  • Certified to exceed the performance requirements of EN1621-2:2014, Level 2
  • Airwave Technology for improved airflow
  • Flexible ergonomic design for comfort and protection
  • Thickness: 18mm
  • Ergonomic design for comfort and protection
  • Full back protector offering maximum coverage
  • Available in 4 different sizes
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